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Course Introduction

BEST Hong Kong Butterfly Watching and Census Network (Secondary Section)

Since its establishment in 2005, thanks to the support of various secondary schools, primary schools and tertiary institutions, many schools visit Fengyuan Butterfly Conservation Area every year, and the annual "Hong Kong Butterfly Watching Competition (Student Group)" has been successfully held for many times. . In 2010, the Association started to establish the "Fengyuan Nature and Cultural Institute", hoping to promote the information of environmental protection and ecological conservation through nature and cultural education.

Fung Yuen College of Nature and Culture launched "BEST (Biodiversity & Environmental Sustainability Training) Hong Kong Butterfly Watching and Census Network (Secondary Section)", through a series of activities such as lectures, workshops and field trips, to help secondary school students develop their interest in nature.


Basic Curriculum: Secondary 1 to 6 students (maximum 10 students per school)

Course content:

This course is especially suitable for students who are interested in life sciences. It is combined with the content of General Studies from Secondary 1 to Secondary 6, so that students can further understand the subject, become interested in it and provide relevant subject knowledge. Students can actually participate in the ecological census and contribute to the establishment of an ecological database in Hong Kong.


Free* (If the number of participating schools exceeds the quota, the organizer will evaluate the information provided by the school to determine the list of participating schools).

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