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Many Hong Kong enterprises and citizens have the habit of buying Chinese New Year mandarin as decorations during the Lunar New Year, which means auspicious and lucky, but most of them are discarded after the Lunar New Year. 

In view of this, Fung Yuen Butterfly Conservation has launched the "CNY Pot Plant Recycle Program" since 2010 to regenerate the mandarin plants. The plan will continue this year. After matching, the mandarin plants will be donated to local farmers or non-profit organizations in need for planting, which can provide food for butterflies.

If organizations/companies are interested in donating New Year mandarin plants, please complete and submit Donation Form on or before February 29, 2024; if local farmers or non-profit organizations are interested in receiving the plants, please complete and submit Receiving Form.

CNY Pot Plant Recycle Program 2024:

It is also a good way to reduce waste by citizens continuing to cut their own seeds for reuse next year. The test results arranged by the Association in the past showed that the instant-purchased tangerine may contain pesticides and should not be eaten.

Receiving Form
Donation Form
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Hong Kong Economic Journal (2016)
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